Turner Ranch Snourcing 101 April 2018

K9 Scent Work Teams gathered around trainging wall
Dropping the ball.... perfect way to start a workshop

Cross-Eyed Jimmie being the demo dog!
Cross-eyed Jimmie loves this game!
Happy Tail !
"Smoke" driving in for treats!
Who says poodles are just for looks?
Snout deep in at source- nice tension on the line building up that drive!
Great focus by the students too! What an awesome group!
Hey mom! It's in here!
Beast Mode!
"Squaring up" at source
Intense focus!
Playing tug at source
A view from the top
Susan doing a great job on something new!
Oh that Staffie - what an awesome team!
Malinios intensity !
What a great dog!
Working on the scent cone!

Blue Nose Pit Scent Work
Road Clearing exercise - Nailing it at source! Alert!
Super fun exercise with super fun dogs!
Boom! Alert!
The Malinios Mafia strikes again!
Great Job Melissa, another member of the Malinios Mafia
Nothing like a stroll by a sneaky hot car on the way to a search! Keep your eyes on your dog!
Watch me mom! I got this!
Another member of the Malinios Mafia...Love that shirt Vicki!
Who doesn't love puppies???!!!