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Pete Stevens had been a law enforcement K-9 handler for 14 years when he was asked to be a Trial Judge at a NACSW Competition in 2015. He expected to watch a group of Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, German Shepherds, Labs, and the occasional Spaniel or German Shorthaired Pointer during the event. Pete was amazed at what he saw, it was not what he expected. Dogs of all breeds from the smallest Teacup Yorkies to English Mastiffs were competing and succeeding just as well as the typical law enforcement and military breeds. What’s more is that they were doing it for fun!

But there was one thing that the sport and working dogs had in common: handlers had training habits that inhibited success. Cueing, crowding the dog, missing the indicators from the dog, and poor leash handling, just to name a few. He recognized these mistakes because he had made them himself.  

After several of the competitors Pete gave feedback to asked him if he taught at seminars, he contacted two seasoned trainers that Pete considers his friends and mentors, Cameron Ford and Elliot Zibli. Pete asked them to form a team of professional K-9 handlers to coach dogs of all sizes and shapes: The Scentsable K-9.

Meet the Instructors

Pete Stevens

Pete is a 28 year law enforcement veteran. He has handled and trained law enforcement K9’s for 17 years. Pete has personally handled 3 different Police Service Dogs during his career while training numerous others. Working in a border town kept Pete busy doing narcotics interdiction work and he has knack for finding secret compartments in vehicles. He is an evaluator/certifying official for the State of California (CA POST) and California Narcotic Canine Association (CNCA) for patrol functions and narcotics detection. Pete is also a NACSW Nosework Trial Judge.

Elliot Zibli

Elliot Zibli has over 30 years of law enforcement experience. He recently retired as the Master Trainer, Narcotic Detection K-9, Los Angeles Police Department Master Trainer, Tracking/Trailing K-9, Los Angeles Police Department Certifying Official for the National Police K-9 Association. Over 10,000 hours direct training of K-9 teams in the greater Los Angeles Area and Nationwide. He is responsible for regional monthly training in the greater Los Angeles Area. Elliot has over 5000 K-9 searches and investigations with the Los Angeles Police Department. He also spent 5 years training and handling dual purpose K-9’s and agitation for the Whittier Police Department. Elliot is recognized as an expert witness in canine operations and training for both State and Federal Courts.

Cameron Ford

Cameron has been in K-9 for over 20 years. First serving the U.S. Air Force as Military Working Dog Handler and Trainer. Cameron is one of the very few Americans to ever attend the German Polizei working dog school in Eckenbach, Germany as well as the Dutch Police Scent Dog School in Nunspeet, Holland. After leaving the Air Force, Cameron operated a Police Dog training school in Orlando FL training police K-9’s from all over the USA. Cameron has also worked as a Police officer in FL and TX, working as a K-9 handler state instructor, state evaluator. In recent years Cameron, has worked in the Government Contractor field training overseeing 300 explosive detection dogs deployed to the middle east. Currently Cameron is a Military Special Operations Sr. Trainer for Multi-Purpose Canines and a CA POST Canine Team Evaluator.

Client Testimonials

Dear Pete, Elliot & Cameron, A great big thank you to each and every one of you. Your training at San Diego was so wonderful. Sophie and I had an absolutely wonderful time. I learned a ton. Please keep doing your trainings so we can do more, more and more. You were all a real credit to your professions as well as being really kind and thoughtful in your teaching. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. Please keep me on the list and let me know when you are planning new programs.


TSK9 workshops create tough scent challenges that push us way out of our comfort zone. Though I love when we really rock a search, I learn even more when pushed to failure points in the blank rooms, long searches, complex areas, and searches in the dark! We get great one-on-one feedback on alternative approaches for each area right after each search.


I have gone to four of Scentsable K9 seminars, because each time I go I become a better handler and learn something new to improve the teamwork between my dogs and myself. Having the three instructors is so great, they each give you so much to grow on. Thanks to Pete , Cameron and Elliot the last two trials I was in, my girls both got High in Trial and Pronounced!!!! It was due to listening to them in my head “cover your areas” “Have a plan” “4 coroners”. I would recommend their seminars to everyone.


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