Imprinting and Intro Detection


It all starts here! The foundation of detection work starts with “Imprinting”. This is we train the dog to recognize a target odor(s). We also add in an introduction into being a detection dog handler with how a dog’s nose works, changes of behavior when a dog detects a target odor, and basic leash handling skills. The K9 team also starts “proofing” off distractions such as non-target odors such as food and pet smells to reinforce the target odor.  

Sport detection target odors (Birch, Anise, and Clove) are provided- if you wish to train on other odors (narcotics, firearms, bed bugs etc) feel free to bring them.
This is a group format 1 hour class limited to 4 K9 teams (handler and dog).

Understand that every dog is different- the time it takes to imprint odors will vary between dogs.

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