We believe in a Fluid Plan

Handlers should have a plan for covering the entire search area but also allowing the dog to have freedom to work. With practice, K9 teams will be more efficient and most importantly, more confident. These scenarios are designed to be challenging- sometimes extremely challenging, but you will learn more from difficult scenarios than the easy ones!

Focus Areas

Time Pressure

Nothing like a timed search to get the blood pumping and the nose working! This challenge will push you and your dog to work together to beat the clock.

Odor Imprinting

Initial Odor Imprinting that is based on a scientific approach is the key to a solid foundation, no matter what the target odor is. For puppies and adult dogs.

Odor Amount

We often use non-traditional mediums to vary the amount of odor in a scenario. There is a method to this madness but we believe that you will be amazed at what your dog can do.

Leash Handling

The leash can be your best friend or worst enemy. Our scenarios will put your leash handling skills to the test with obstacles that you will need to work through. One on one coaching with a focus on when to cut the dogs loose and when to hook them up.

Hide Placement

We will challenge you as handler to let go of assumptions and will challenge your dog to search in unorthodox spots.

Foundation Reinforcement

Basic foundational training is critical to scent work. Constant reinforcement of these foundations is key to your team maintaining peak performance levels.

Environmental Barriers

Not every search is as simple as finding the target hidden in a drawer. Environmental variance helps build your dog's confidence and expands your experience as a handler.


Whether it's tennis balls, food, or elements to surprise and challenge the handler, we create a realistic search scenario by adding interruptions.

Are you up to the challenge?

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