Pete's working dogs

Cooper finding dirty money
Snitch sitting on a ton of weed (literally)
Snitch's largest seizure 6,187 lbs. of marijuana
Pete and Snitch on surveillance
Turbo's sniff on a vehicle locating 1 kilo of cocaine and lots of drug money
Pete's very first time meeting K9 Bob in August of 2000- Trust me, those shorts were cool back then!
Bag of meth located by Snitch after the guys said "Nothing is in the car"
Snitch with approximately $150K
Honestly- this weed was so stinky, Snitch had no trouble hitting on that closet door!
Snitch and several kilos of cocaine in a cabinet
This is what was in that cabinet!
Snitch located $80,000 under the backseat
Snitch also found the $100K hidden in the lining if the suitcase
Snitch located $37K in a hidden compartment of a vehicle

Look what Snitch found in a muffler
Snitch and 10 kilos from the muffler
Turbo and $233K located in a gas tank
Turbo with 4 kilos of cocaine
Turbo and $175K hidden in a front fender of a vehicle