Logan Haus 4 Day Detection Fundamentals Seminars

Kevin and his new best friend
Rocco is a crazy man!
Mike Suttle, Rocco, and Chris Rice having fun!
Rocco getting crazy eyes!
Rocco out!
Speed ears engaged!
Ear brakes!
Kevin and Natika playing!
Look at that focus!
Full throttle!
Someone loves this towel retrieve game
Cyndi knows even little dogs like to tug
Whatcha gotta do is coordinate!
Release the hounds!
Oh yeah!
Ares is such a lover. Is Megan having fun?
Ares getting rewarded at source
Penelope Jane aka PJ
Waiting for the ball!
Mine! Mine! Mine!
Pete # 2 learning timing
Clicker training with a chicken ain't easy!
Point to Point Exercise at the horse arena
Riley likes his tug, Pete likes to keep his fingers
Little dog and high vegetation..great learning combo
Found it!