Dogs in action various seminars and workshops

Kola stretching out for the high find
Kola knows source odor could be anywhere
Twist licking his lips in Leona Valley
Sniffing the pilot seat in the Blackhawk Helicopter
Someone is very focused
Such focus!
Am I going to fast rope out to source?
Getting low!
Raise your paw if you found source!
Leave only paw prints
Copper and Lindsey
Downward dog!
Katie and Indie
Little dog struggles are real
Right on target
Such a focused pup!
Know your dog!
Checking that seat belt buckle
Lil' Woo! I always know how to find her. Just listen for the bark!
Ray and Cate just sniffing around

Giving some treats!
Still focused!
Louie checking out the VW Buggie
Louie going high!
Boom! Nailed it!
Jedi using the force
Copper using is size to his advantage
It's right here mom!
Some dogs got very adventurous
Sky is a rather intense Mal!
Blue nose to the rescue!
Using the air!
Michelle and Clover on point
Methodical search of the crashed Huey with Clover and Michelle
Can you see me?